Meeting Minutes and Agendas

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November 5, 2018 Agenda Minutes
October 18, 2018 Meeting postponed until November 5, 2018  
October 2, 2018 Agenda Minutes
September 18, 2018 Agenda Minutes
September 4, 2018 Agenda Minutes
July 10, 2018 Agenda Minutes
May 1, 2018 Agenda Minutes
March 6, 2018 Agenda Minutes
February 6, 2018 Agenda Minutes
January 9, 2018 Agenda Minutes
November 14, 2017 Agenda Minutes
September 12, 2017 Agenda Minutes
August 1, 2017 Agenda Minutes
June 6, 2017 Agenda Minutes
April 25, 2017 Agenda Minutes
February 7, 2017 Agenda Minutes
January 10, 2017 Agenda Minutes


NMSA 1978 Section

10-7E-1. Short title.

10-7E-2. Purpose of act.

10-7E-3. Conflicts.

10-7E-4. Definitions.

10-7E-5. Rights of public employees.

10-7E-6. Rights of public employers.

10-7E-7. Appropriate governing body; public employer.

10-7E-8. Public employee labor relations board; created; terms; qualifications.

10-7E-9. Board; powers and duties.

10-7E-10. Local board; created.

10-7E-11. Local board; powers and duties.

10-7E-12. Hearing procedures.

10-7E-13. Appropriate bargaining units.

10-7E-14. Elections.

10-7E-15. Exclusive representation.

10-7E-16. Decertification of exclusive representative.

10-7E-17. Scope of bargaining.

10-7E-18. Impasse resolution.

10-7E-19. Public employers; prohibited practices.

10-7E-20. Public employees; labor organizations; prohibited practices.

10-7E-21. Strikes and lockouts prohibited.

10-7E-22. Agreements valid; enforcement.

10-7E-23. Judicial enforcement; standard of review.

10-7E-24. Existing collective bargaining units.

10-7E-24.1 Certain new entities created by statute.

10-7E-25. Existing collective bargaining agreements.

10-7E-26. Existing ordinances providing for public employee bargaining.